The new year brings with it as always, a new focus and for Inside house its Interior Accessories.

We are curating a range of well over 3000 new products that include everything from candles to small on trend furniture pieces, we are introducing a very eclectic range of candles, candle holders and other must have desirable premium interior accessories.

We strive to always offer free delivery on all our products and to have available stock.

 Typically all our product where possible are sourced in the UK from independent makers, boutique artisans and small business which is why many of our products you just wont see anywhere else.

 In 2024 we also look to connect a great deal more with the community, were collaborating with our sister brand HOUSE AND GARDEN LIVING, were looking into the homes our all those diy enthusiasts , the interior stylists, the do er uppers, the renovation masters whom of which many are our customers, you may even see a few inside house products along the way.

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