3x Chakra Bath Fizz - Small box - Self Realisation

3x Chakra Bath Fizz - Small box - Self Realisation
3x Chakra Bath Fizz - Small box - Self Realisation

3x Chakra Bath Fizz - Small box - Self Realisation

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Crafted with specially chosen essential oils, each Wholesale Chakra Fizzer aims to unblock and harmonise the body's vital energy centres. This is a great gift, perfect for those embracing holistic self-care or seeking unique gifts for loved ones.

Crown Chakra Fizzer (PURPLE) infused with a peppermint essential oil fusion: This exceptional blend is specially crafted to invigorate the crown chakra, fostering mental clarity and harmony. With the power of peppermint oil, it can elevates cognitive function, heightens alertness, and improves focus, all crucial elements in the path of self-realization. Addressing common issues associated with crown chakra blockage such as headaches and lack of focus, this revitalizing blend aims to bring balance and clarity to your spiritual.

Third Eye Chakra Fizzer (DARK BLUE) infused with a blend of Lavender essential oil. When used in a bath this delightful fizzer can create a serene and tranquil atmosphere, encouraging a profound sense of inner peace. As the mind unwinds, it opens up to higher levels of perception and intuition, enhancing your spiritual awareness. The calming properties of Lavender essential oil may also aid in overcoming challenges such as sleep disturbances and indecisive-ness, which are common symptoms of Third Eye Chakra blockages.

Throat Chakra Fizzer (BLUE) with Eucalyptus and Lemon essential oil blend that can work wonders. Eucalyptus oil is believed to encourage honest expression and fosters a sense of openness in verbal interactions. Lemon oil, on the other hand, promotes mental clarity and boosts confidence in expressing oneself. Using the Throat Chakra Fizzer in a bath can create a refreshing and invigorating experience, allowing the Throat Chakra to flourish and enabling you to communicate with authenticity, assertiveness, and grace.

Wrapped in a gift box, with a mandala pattern,  mirroring the holistic essence of the product. 

Each fizz weigh 70 grams 

Each Fizz size is approximately D:2.2cm H:2cm

The gift box weight 280 grams 

Order now for your Chakra Bath Bombs and experience the harmony of holistic self-care.

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