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INSIDE HOUSE Brings on a new face in the world of wallpaper, Brand McKenzie Founded by Richard Brand and Kerry McKenzie off the back of their 18 years’ combined interior décor expertise, Brand McKenzie dares to be different with its captivating hand-drawn designs that bring blank walls to life.

We met with Richard and Kerry and instantly formed a creative bond with the 2 businesses sharing ethical and sustainable values along with the fact that all the wallpapers are designed and made here in the UK.

Tropical Daze, Brand McKenzie’s eye-catching first collection, is the antithesis to all that’s humdrum. It takes you on a magical journey through mystical islands and lush jungles with 17 eye-catching designs that promise to inject a generous dose of personality into both residential and commercial spaces.

“Tropical Daze is our debut collection and sets the tone for things to come,” says Kerry. “Future collections will take their cue from a melting pot of influences, but they will always be rooted in our desire to help people step outside their comfort zone by making daring décor decisions.”

“We want our wallpapers to stand out and help people to make a change and choose something more daring for their walls. And nothing beats the imagination of the human brain, or the care an artist brings to a hand-drawn or painted image,” says Kerry. “And that’s why we’re working with a whole host of different artists, who each brings something different into the mix. Hailing from all over the UK, and with a range of experiences, our design team is what gives our wallpapers their wonder and energy.”

Here, we introduce three of the Brand McKenzie design team, Ella Peter, Kareen Murray and Lou Collis.

Ella Peters is a British wallpaper and textile designer. She trained at the Royal College of Art in printed textiles, and in 2008 was awarded the highly prestigious Heal’s Discovers Award. Since then, she has worked with numerous renowned brands including Osborne & Little, Heal’s, Marks & Spencer and Crabtree & Evelyn. Passionate about delivering the ultimate combination of colour, print and material, Ella is inspired by the beauty of nature and natural history. She takes a fresh approach to print with unique colour combinations and imagery to create diverse results.

Kareen Murray is a young, up-and-coming textile designer who graduated from Heriot-Watt University in May 2020. Throughout her time at Heriot-Watt she specialised in printed textiles and developed a strong drawing style which is shown throughout all of her work. After graduating, she started her own brand, inspired by all-things Scotland. Kareen lives in a small seaside town in Scotland and its beauty provides her with bundles of inspiration. Kareen currently works as a weaver, where she is picking up further valuable knowledge in her quest to become a designer of note in the future.

Lou Collis is a Bristol-based textile designer and Illustrator. She previously worked as a designer for Harlequin for eight years – where she was involved in all methods of wallpaper production, fabric design and printing. Now Lou works as a freelance designer creating striking and nature-inspired designs. Creating most of her designs by hand, she loves to use gouache paint for fine detail and inks for more expressive designs. Lou is also experienced in digitally colouring design collections with the use of Photoshop & AVA software.

Inside House is very proud to be a stockist of Brand McKensie and offers all its wallpapers with Free delivery.

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