@elegantlyknackeredstyle,  It’s not often we start a blog post with an insta handle but this one was just so fitting we couldn’t help ourselves.

This weeks interior spotlight takes a look at the home of Louisa who wears many hats within the industry and its clear to see how that has filtered down into her home.

Dark colours mixed with bold flowers, furniture that is full of character and her loving dog can be seen in abundance.

Louisa favours an interior that tells a story of is owner, one can tell right away that each piece of furniture, each interior product and where and how they are arranged has taken time, care and consideration.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that Louisa is just about interiors, we learnt heaps about Louisa and her passion for the outdoors and gardening via her YouTube channel, which is so very well presented, take a look at one of our favourite videos here titled ‘’How to create a 5 minute indoor spring flower arrangement with supermarket grocery store bulbs’’

In her own words.

‘’I’m Louisa and I have a portfolio of job titles; antique dealer, Instagram micro influencer, interior stylist, house renovator.

I have quite an individual interior style which I define as elegantly knackered. I much prefer old and worn to new and shiny.

I’m inspired by individuality and the Instagram interior accounts I most favour are unusual, characterful and unique’’

Were really hoping to connect again with Louisa who is a truly unique individual and who is so very genuine in her approach to her many passions, watch this space to hopefully here more about her and of course head over to her you tube channel and Instagram to follow a not your average insta account, we know you will be pleasantly surprised as we were.

all video and image credits @elegantlyknackeredstyle


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