Pho noodles and Fans worldwide.

The bowl is usually accompanied by cilantro, basil, lime, bean sprouts, spring onion, fresh chili slices, chili sauce, hoisin sauce, fish sauce, these extras on the side so that Fans can season the soup to their own taste. The balanced tastes of sweet, salty, spicy, and citrus are highly communicable; pho usually becomes an instant favorite for all tourists visiting Vietnam. 

The good thing about Pho noodle, it's very convenient and ready for Fans to eat. No matter what time of day and night, a hot steaming bowl of Pho noodle is everywhere on your way if you don't mind to try Pho at street carts, they sell throughout the night. You can eat Pho noodles at any time no matter it's breakfast, lunch or dinner as Vietnamese we all do eat Pho at any time we miss it. 

The Health benefits of Pho may offer Fans for the various nutritious ingredients. Pork and Beef bones broth may promote joint health as it contains glucosamine, chondroitin, and collagen. Ginger helps reduce inflammation as it contains gingerol. Herbs and vegetables have many nutrients. 

People all over the world can tell it clear reasons why they're Fans of Pho noodle. Source:

It’s Simple
It’s Easy To Make Cool Fusion Versions Of It
The Broth Just Soaks Any Bit Of Spice Right Up
The Name Is Oh So Pho-N To Pun With
It’s Perfect In All Weathers
It’s Like Two Meals In One
You Can Pretty Much Find It Anywhere
It’s Inexpensive
The Noodles Are Literally Showered Out
You Don’t Have To Feel Self-Conscious When Eating It
It Covers All The Necessary Food Groups
It’s Actually Pretty Good For You
Awesome Hangover Cure
It Just LOOKS Great
When It’s Made Right, You Can Taste The Love

There are other variations of Pho noodle you might be interested in:

  • Spicy beef noodle soup
  • Pho noodle with beef meatballs or fish meatballs
  • Pho noodle soup with thin slices of rare beef fillet
  • Pho noodle soup with added seafood
  • Traditional-style pho with added beef tripe

If you're looking for where to go eat Pho noodle in Vietnam. We have here below some well-known Pho restaurants you might want to check-in. 

PHO Hoa in Pasteur Street, Dist 1.

PHO Le in Vo Van Tan Street, Dist 3.

PHO Hung in Nguyen Trai Street, Dist 1.

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