Whilst many of us are either thinking about moving out of the city or actually doing it @maric_living is already there and showing us exactly why a home overlooking a view to die for is well worth it.

Dee has created a stunning family home that is both practical and mature which is no easy venture with 3 children and a dog at home, her love for the outdoors as well as the indoors is clear to see and at home in wales what better place to explore both.

Dee’s home is full of playful features like rainbow arches and full pattern walls whilst keeping it serious for the adults with an impressive dining set up for entertaining once the kids are to bed.

In her own words.

‘’ I’ve always had a passion for interiors and architecture. I love to up-cycle and give crafts a go. I started Maric Living because I was inspired by other interiors accounts and I wanted to share the progress I had made on my home. It’s lovely to be part of a community of like minded people!

We were lucky enough to move into our dream home, but despite the fact that it had already undergone a major renovation, I was keen to put my own stamp on it. The journey has been around changing this house from a blank canvas into a family home!’’

Our favourite spot is the view across the rear garden and over the ocean, what we wouldn’t do for that right now dreaming of faraway places and travel.

We will certainly continue to follow Dee on her interior and exterior passion and perhaps we will have a further update later in the year to see what’s new in Dee’s house.

Follow Dee @maric_living to discover what you’re missing and take a look below at just a few shots from her beautiful home.

Image credits @maric_living


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