Yes we are an online pet shop in part but we're also really focused on our community, on charity’s, of foods, vitamins, and  on what challenges our little furry friends have on a daily basis especially in this time of the coronavirus aka COVID-19 with some pets having to also stay indoors with owners, some dogs are the life blood, the only friends for some of the elderly having issues at this time.

Were asking calling out to all dog and cat owners to communicate with us, tell us your story, we want to share your stories, image, and videos across all our social channels, find us on youtube, Instagram or simply email in your information.

Charity, we, want to hear from dog and cat charities, we want to collaborate with you, promote you, we want to support you with profits from sales of our products, HOW CAN WE HELP YOU.

Want to learn more about us check out our store and online community. 

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