COLOUR,  yes and lots of it from @the.tiny.colourful.terrace . Lozzie is not afraid to be bold with her interior styling and its easy to see why she has such a fantastic following.

Bold rich fabrics and upholstery feature strongly in her interior alongside eclectic accessories and a generous use of wall art.

Check out Lozzie’s kitchen revamp to see just how creative she is with retro colours and shapes, Lozzie doesn’t just stop at interior products, its walls, its floors its anything that comes in her way gets the full treatment and its looks fab.

We know we will see a lot more from lozzie, more beautiful interiors with bags of attitude styled in a professional no nonsense way,

Want to see more, check out her feed right here @the.tiny.colourful.terrace

Image credit @the.tiny.colourful.terrace

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